The latest incident last night at Mossfield has reminded me that I still intended to write to yourselves regarding response to after hours situations by yourselves.

As you know, the recent incident involving arson at Clarence Road, highlighted the need for a guard to consistently demonstrate initiative and rational thinking and as such can you please convey my appreciation to Keith and his crew for responding in the way they have when such situations arise.

Steve Blakeley

Further to our telephone conversation I would ask that you pass on our sincere thanks to one of your employees, Mr Singh, following an attempted break-in on the 24th April. Should Mr Singh not have acted the way he did I am sure the P.J.H. Group would have experienced damage or indeed theft from company property. I would also comment on the dedication and professionalism Mr Singh applies to all aspects of his work when on duty at the P.J.H. Group.

Mr SPJ Simcox

I wish to place on record sincere thanks for the expert way in which Security Officer Denzil Wood dealt with the security incident surrounding the Shire Travel Coach on the weekend of 18th & 19th September.

It was indeed a textbook way of dealing with the incident as Denzil had the foresight to tell the Police not to put on their flashing lights and sirens and it thus enabled the arrest of the eight suspects to be carried out.

The Police have subsequently been supplied with a CD of the incident and it is to be hoped some convictions result from this.

In the meantime can I once again express gratitude to your Company on a job well-done!!

E J GolderCannock Chase Enterprise Centre

May I take this opportunity of thanking you and your team for the support and assistance during the evening of Wednesday 20th August, due to the electrical power failure to Police Mutual Assurance Society.

I would also like to record my appreciation for the Alarm Call Out Report, as this has been a valuable tool for the monitoring of events throughout the night, which has been an essential aid in feeding back information to the executives.

Des Royes

The above company have been engaged on the security of our new facility for the last two months, both during the construction and to date during our moving in and settling down period.

The professionalism and the attitude of staff and management are of the highest quality and we would not hesitate to recommend them for any job they wish to undertake.

M.N. Lindsey

I would just like to bring to your attention the assistance received over the last couple of nights from Mick, your member of night security.

Mick has been very helpful over the last couple of evenings.

In the early hours of this morning (20th November), Mick identified two suspicious persons to ourselves. Due to this information all three persons were arrested in a stolen vehicle.

The three persons concerned are believed responsible for HGV thefts over recent months and I am sure with the assistance of Mick we managed to prevent such crime on this date.

The vehicle they were in was stolen and worth approximately £15,000 and has now been recovered much to the satisfaction of the injured party.

The three arrested persons were handed over to Merseyside Police to be dealt with and hopefully will receive custodial sentences.

As stated I just wanted to show our appreciation for the assistance of Mick during the Police operation.

P.C. 4706 Walker

Having recently employed the services of Pro-Secure, we found them to be very professional and reliable and their ability to provide security at very short notice very commendable.

We would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

John BlocksidgeGeorge Law Limited

We would like to thank your company for providing security to the above contract. We found your personnel to be both professional and extremely reliable, with these attributes we would have no hesitation in using your services again on any future contracts.

R. WardContracts Limited

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the security supplied at Hoar Cross yesterday.

Your officer was punctual in the morning and friendly throughout the day, and I will certainly be seeking Pro-Secure services on any future events in your area.

Jon WalshTHA (UK) Ltd

We have employed the above company for 8 months to oversee our security out of hours arrangements. We confirm that we are very happy with the professional service that the company provide. The guards are always of a very high standard in dress code and the extra responsibilities that we ask of them are always carried out in full.

We hope to continue a long business association with Pro-Secure.

T Deakin

With reference to the above, we have found this Company to be very reliable and would not have any hesitation at recommending them for any future work.

Ian Edwards

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both you and your employees for the excellent security service provided by Pro-Secure on behalf of the Lichfield Mysteries.

You were extremely helpful in adapting to the security requirements for the event.

Thank you again for recognising that the Lichfield Mysteries is a registered charity, you provided such an admirable quote, you are exceptionally generous.

Once again thank you for the quality of service you have provided, I have no hesitation in recommending Pro-Secure for any future work.

Stephanie Brookes

With reference to our conversation, this is to confirm that we will proceed with our contract with you. After the initial three months of your services we have found that your guards are well-trained and happy to deal with matters that arise. We look forward to the continuation of your services.

Paul Clifford

I write to confirm our satisfaction at the excellent security service, provided by Pro-Secure, since December.

As you are aware, we were initially reluctant to out-source our security, as we had previously had a number of problems when using other security companies. However, since bringing your guards onto the premises, we have been extremely pleased with the results.

Your guards are always professional, well presented and highly competent, adapting to our requirements and responding to any request or feedback.

In addition to our guarding requirements, you have supported us with the development of our security policies and procedures and assisted us in handling a number of issues, which have recently arisen.

Overall we have found Pro-Secure to be proficient and competent and would have no hesitation in recommending your company to others.

Julie Turnbull

I would like to congratulate you on the level of service that your company Pro-Secure has given us to date. I was impressed with the professionalism in the way your staff has conducted themselves and I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to other local businesses.

Once again thank you for the Quality of Service you have given us so far.

Stefan Kaezan

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank both you and your employees, for assisting me in the smooth operation of the Security Department at the National Hub.

I have the utmost admiration for Pro-Secure. I cannot fault the professionalism, diplomacy and bearing of any of your staff. It is obvious that your personnel have a high level of training and this is reflected in the way any tasks are carried out, quickly and without fault.

It has also given me peace of mind that I can depend on the fact that all of your staff are Home Office vetted and will be trustworthy.

Again I extend my thanks and wish you every success in the future.

Julie Norris

Cherry Blossom Developments Ltd would like to thank Pro-Secure Limited and give a special mention to one of your employees who has continually monitored the above building site in Heath Hayes, Cannock.

Through his hard work and determination, your employee successfully took two youths into Police custody for attempted burglary on the 21st June.

We look forward to this continuing excellent service.

Steve Newell

Pro-Secure Ltd